Self-Esteem Boost Program

Minju Kim Counseling provides a short-term self-esteem boost program. Minju Kim is a specialist in the self-esteem and self-compassion area. We hope the youth and young adults in the area will have meaningful time and results through our 6-week intensive program.



Customized 1:1 Session

This is a unique 1:1 counseling program. We will customize the program according to the client's needs and goals. 

Flexible Scheduling

We will accommodate the client's circumstances and schedules. 


We place a great emphasis on psycho-education where the client learns how to figure out the causes and measures. We value clients' learning and growth so the client can control thoughts and emotions after the termination of therapy.  


Minju Kim, as a bi-lingual and bi-cultural individual, deeply understands immigrants upbringings and circumstances. 

Life style Coaching

We will provide communication and lifestyle advice at the end of the program. 


Minju Kim worked for the mental health agency of King County and has a lot of clinical experience about family and youth.